Friday, November 6, 2009

Nob Alert: Mobile Guitar Players

I don't have a problem with people playing the guitar (unless it is John Denver songs) but why do they have to do it while walking down the street? I have seen this on not one but two occasions in the past week and both times the young men in question looked like they were high on ridiculin. How will they ever be taken seriously? I hope they don't think this is the way to behave if they want to attract a girl; even if the girl in question were partial to fellows of a mildly artistic bent they would never be able to bring him home to Mother. As we all know, this is actually what all women look for in a man: a nice, safe and boring accountant type with round glasses and a side part. I have even tried to sell Tallboy as this type to my own mother by having a long and involved phone conversation with her about the fact that he wears shirts, with collars. She was impressed. But I digress...What is wrong with finding a nice spot in the shade of a tree and sitting still? It's enough to give the watcher indegestion. I am worried that this is a trend on the rise.

Even more worrying is that the second hairy, hippy reprobate was walking along, strumming away in the rain. Seriously.