Friday, November 28, 2008

Context Is Everything

But this is a whole lot funnier without the context so I'm not going to provide it:

JB: Maybe I should move to Coogee when I'm 35 and impregnate a lesbian.

AD: Don't move to Coogee and impregnate a lesbian 'cause you won't find one!

JB: Meh. There are plenty of lesbians.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Milk and Cream

So I have moved into my new place (hence the lack of posting for a few days) and love several things about my new life. One thing I was looking forward to before I moved was being close to shops that don't charge $10 for a ham sandwich. I was very excited about buying my fruit and veg from Harris Farm: cheaper, nicer, less distance to carry home. What I didn't take into account was The Harris Farm $30 Black Hole.

Let me explain. Every time I go in there I end up spending about $30 no matter what I needed, or what I intended to buy. The other day I went to get one vegetable to use in making my dinner. I spent bloody $30. Yesterday, I needed milk and cream. "Milk and cream" I said to myself as I walked down the street. "Milk and cream. Milk and cream" I internally monologued as I wandered the aisles of The Dastardly Harris Farm. I ended up with all sorts of foodstuff and things. I bought a jar of rosehip jam mostly because I was staring at all the lovely marmalades thinking to myself "If I ate marmalade I would totally buy one of these because they look so lovely, and such good value too! Milk and cream." So I sensibly decided not to buy the marmalade (even though it was made from Seville oranges which I hear are the best for marmalade, milk and cream) only to pick up a jar of jam instead. I don't even like jam. It's too sweet.

In the end, I had to go somewhere else for the milk so I effectively spent $29.70 on thickened cream that I only bought to go with the gnocci that I bought fromn Harris Farm the last time I was in there.

Monday, November 10, 2008

Tanty Man: The Week (and a bit) That Was


Quotes from Tanty Man:

"Come ON computer. I want to do this quickly and you're taking too long!"

"Yes, I AM talking to the books"

Daily Tanty Count: 3

After That

Tanty Man lost his voice for a few days so was unable to have any tanties.

Then a Bit After That

I kept a tally on a piece of paper in my pocket and he reached a whopping eight tanties in one day!