Monday, November 10, 2008

Tanty Man: The Week (and a bit) That Was


Quotes from Tanty Man:

"Come ON computer. I want to do this quickly and you're taking too long!"

"Yes, I AM talking to the books"

Daily Tanty Count: 3

After That

Tanty Man lost his voice for a few days so was unable to have any tanties.

Then a Bit After That

I kept a tally on a piece of paper in my pocket and he reached a whopping eight tanties in one day!


Rosie said...

there's a little bit of Tanty Man in me, i think. this cheers me no end.

it shouldn't.

Felix for Zosia said...

As Homer Simpson once said... or was it Chief Wigam? ... anyway "if it feels good, do it."

Nerd Girl said...

It was the Chief.

PS: Sorry I didn't post a comment earlier but there didn't seem to be anything I could add, Tanty Man just says it all. (and a bit more)

Brendan B said...
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As the crow flies said...


Maybe the Tantys keep coming because they feel good.

Disapproving looks.

Repeat as necessary.