Saturday, March 12, 2011

"oh you can smell the nerd"

Thus spake Juicebar as we walked past a gaming shop at closing time and all the staff swarmed out together. Each one was so different and unique, yet so very, very nerdy. There was one of every kind: the girl with thick glasses and unnatural, bright hair; the pale and wan young man in dusty black who looks as though he has not been out in the sun since his christening; the young man who would be pale and wan yet is cowed with a rampant affliction of acne, and possibly also a skin allergy; the Asian geek with thin, square glasses frames designed in 1991 and an IQ so high he is left unable to boil an egg or figure out how the washing machine works; and finally the guy with the long pony tail who always tucks his shirt into his pants and never wears jeans. Really, they were Spice Girls of Geek.