Thursday, December 4, 2008

My Life and Stuff

I am sitting at a library computer being distracted by a man's heavy breathing. I really don't want to know what he is looking at online... Oh good, now he is merely talking to himself.

Apologies if my last post sounded a little muddled. I was distracted by my little sister playing peek-a-boo with me as I was trying to write it. She is 26.

The Only Gay in the Village and I are now firm friends. This is because at our work Christmas party I told him he needed to use industrial strength eye cream and this comment made him realise that I "have a wit as quick as [his]". Bless.

Either nobody has been arrested outside my apartment for a few days, or I am learning to sleep through it.

I had a dream the other day where I was trying to do a magic trick with gold fish that I was keeping in a hot water bottle but they died. What does this mean?

I had lunch with the Russian ambassador the other day and he gave me three duck eggs and an Ormolu clock. He told me that I would make a brilliant quantum physicist, if only I applied myself to Maths. He also told me that he doesn't think Kurban will last. I tend to agree.


Nerd Girl said...

When you can make friends with insults, you know you're on a good path.

Lady K said...

Your sister sure sounds like fun.

usbchris said...

This is an interesting blog... I think checking it every 15 minutes for updates will be an efficient way of ensuring I am informed. I don't really have much to do these days...

As the crow flies said...

The dream is your subconscious SCREAMING that live fish and hot water are incompatible unless poaching, though goldfish would be tappas or yum-cha fare at best.

Probably a food thing.

Felix for Zosia said...

To all of your comments I think one reply will suffice: probably.