Thursday, June 4, 2009

Felix For Zosia: Style_Lab

I just finished reading a book called The Thoughtful Dresser by Linda Grant. I have decided that she is my Guru* of the Month. I have been so inspired by the book that I was going to go out and start myself another blog called Felix For Zosia: Style_Lab, where I would blog about fashion, non-fashion, and my outfit choices with the sophisticated wit and intelligent humour that make Felix For Zosia (original) the brilliant market success and revenue spinner that it is today. But then I decided that probably nobody would want to read such wanky bosh. But THEN I though to myself “who am I to decide?” So here is a sample of what you might find on Felix For Zosia: Style Lab if it were a real blog. Tell me what you think:

What My Clothes Say About Me: Saturday Morning
Orange scarf and grey cardigan: I feel like shit. These items look disgusting together and I can hardly believe I am wearing them. I want people on the street to know that I have a cold and a headache and possibly a smidge of hangover so I’ve chosen items that clash so horribly they will invariably induce headaches in all who observe me.

What My Clothes Say About Me: Saturday Afternoon
Blue/green scarf and grey cardigan: I am stupidly vain and hopelessly bad with money. As the day wore on and I felt better, I had to buy another scarf to replace the orange one because I couldn’t take it any longer. Even though the new scarf looks like something a mermaid would wear if it had a sore throat, I consider it an Investment Piece because it actually looks fantastic with half my wardrobe.

Autumn/Winter09: Shopping
I called my bestest, gayest friend Harveii (who is like a cross between Napoleon Perdis and Napoleon Dynamite) in a high excitement after my morning’s shopping trip. “Harveii!!! Guess what?? I’ve found my new Autumn Palette! It’s all based around a pair of earrings I bought last week. It’s such a great combination of Burnt Ochre, Tamil Tiger Green and a touch of Democratic Purple**. It’s going to be so versatile, and the best thing is that all I have to do when I go shopping for more pieces***is make sure that I wear the earrings and they will be like my personal, fashion equivalent of those paint sample things people give you when you’re redecorating the front parlour.” Needless to say, Harveii was practically as excited as I was, so we agreed to meet up and drank fruit flavoured martinis all afternoon long in a “New York style”**** bar.

*Please always pronounce this word “ga-roo” in your head when reading it anywhere on this blog. Trust me, it’s much more fun.

** For those not in the know, Democratic Purple is similar to Royal Purple but less… inbred.

***Rule number 63 of The Fashion Blog Creed states that one must always refer to “pieces” and not “clothes”. Amendment 63b states that “garment” is acceptable in certain circumstances.

****People get mugged there a lot.


Juice Bar said...

Dear FfZ:SL

All good fashion blogs have a letters to the Style Guru section.

What do my clothes say about me? I am wearing a shirt and tie, and possibly small purple star-shaped cufflinks. I think the shirt and tie speak for themselves ("I am dull"). The cufflinks possibly say "I am hopelessly repressed by dull life choices but have creative friends that buy appropriate presents."

Yours, with regards,

Dot said...

Style does seemed to have boiled down to one element - scarf choice - lately.

When I want to save time I just wrap my own hair around my neck. The look says: you idiot.

Felix for Zosia said...

Dear JuiceBar,
As long as the cufflinks are small purple shaped stars (possibly given to you by someone who writes a blog) and not tasteful, discreet silver bars that may or may not have been given to you by someone called Sally I think you are totally on the right track. Keep up the good work!
Felix, Zosia and the Style Lab Team

Dear Dot,
Individuality is so 2009. Try plaiting the hair sometimes for a change.
Style Lab Team

Anonymous said...

You. Are. Hilarious.

What do my clothes say about me? I am still in my moth eaten dressing gown at 12:17pm with grey trackies and ugg boots, hair unwashed, cat asleep on my lap. I think they say: "ah, the joys of working from home".

Felix for Zosia said...

Hi Naomi,
Thanks for your support!
Are there still moths? They seem so ... vintage...
Style Lab Team