Wednesday, October 10, 2012

I'll Have a J for Junk, Thanks Adriana

Are people who send phising emails statistically more likely to have the name Adriana? Or are the emails I received from Adriana Walker, Adriana Gonzalez and Adriana Wilson in the last month all from a bigamist?  Here is a sample of her (their) correspondence:

Hey how are you? My name is Adriana I tried emailing you a few times without any respsonse. 
anyway babes just wanted to let you know i finally got my webcam working and was wondering
if you want to cyber with me :)
I'm on my bed right now half naked and waiting for you to connect with me ... its 100% free
to chat with me and I can get you free VIP codes to chat with me here.

Hi Adriana,
Sorry I didn't respond (or, indeed, respsond if that's what you really wanted) to your previous emails but the thing is that I can't get down and dirty with people who use a lower case i when referring to themselves. It's just a weird thing that I have. 

Since my stony silence doesn't seem to have put you off, I might as well clarify a few other things you might find useful to know:

- I am too busy responding to emails from Canadian Pharmacy and Male Enhancement, not to mention FuckBook, to read yours.

 - While I appreciate your very delightful offer to chat, I don't need VIP codes to chat with my friends, so I think I'll pass; you make it all so unnecessarily complicated.

-You don't appear to have noticed from the unequivocally feminine name which makes up the first part of my email address that I am, in fact, female. What this means is that I am crushingly underwhelmed by your boast about being half naked. You see, I have no qualms about being completely naked and merely looking in the mirror.

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