Friday, August 1, 2008

Should I Be Worried?

I started this new job the other day, and found out that the staff code name for the boss is "The Eye" (which I initially thought was "The I", not realising that the point of the nickname was to honour her hyper-surveillance rather than her ego mania). Anyway... I found out last night that there is a running competition for staff members with a $50 prize. The prize is funded by a collective group of ex-staff members, and is awarded to anyone who manages to "Pop The Eye". The previous winner succeeded in making The Eye stamp her feet and pummel her temples with her fists. Impressive. So... should I be worried, or should I aim for the prize?


Rosie said...

eyes on the prize, lady. always.

Felix for Zosia said...

hee hee, nicely put!