Friday, July 25, 2008

What?? I can't hear you!

The other day I went on a little health kick and walked up the hill (to the bottle shop). On my way out of the shop, I put my head phones back in and realised that the little black cover was missing from one of the earbuds. So I looked on the ground as I re-traced my steps then had a slightly odd conversation with the man in the shop trying to explain why I had returned so suddenly, and also why I was staring at the floor. I couldn't see it, so resigned myself to experiencing one cushioned ear only until I could afford the $7* required to purchase another packet of replacements.

I got home, poured my wine and wandered around the apartment looking for takeaway menus, which proved to be irritatingly elusive (CC - I know you read this: I think you are the culprit here! Perhaps they are stowed with the missing tea towels?? We will discuss this upon your return). I eventually found a menu and sat down to "cook" dinner. I compared dishes. I thought about the option of prawn crackers. I searched in vain on the menu for something called "exotic fish" that used to be my favourite thing to order from Stir Crazy but which they apparently no longer make. I felt something funny in my ear. I put my finger in my ear, and realised that the earbud cover had been sitting there all along. I felt like a dick. The End.

* Times are tough


Rosie said...

ha ha.

*points and laughs*

Cléa said...

Oh...kay... I, um... had the same thing happen to me. Only I noticed it when I went to bed and something irritated my ear. I was so thrilled to find it (the iPod was brand new then) that I don't remember any thought I may have had for feeling like an idiot! :D

Felix for Zosia said...

C - That makes me feel so much better!
R - please see my comment above - that's the sort of response I would appreciate in future. Thankyou very much.