Monday, July 14, 2008

I Pray That It Will Soon Be Over

Q. what is more annoying than helicopters buzzing loudly around your apartment for several days during the APEC summit?

A. a two day long (and counting) sound check for the World Youth Day Celebrations that can be heard over the water.

I can tell it's a sound check because I can't see any crowds, but I can see a stage. This means that we'll have to hear the whole damn thing at least once more. How hard can "Alleluia" be, for goodness sake? There's only one damn word on repeat. The whole thing is giving me an unholy case of the irrits.

EDIT: What is worse than either of those things? Perhaps predictably - the two of them combined. I am currently at home, listening (against my will) to the mass AND to the helicopters that are swarming around to film it. I suppose smiting is a bit old fashioned, so God has chosen this method to punish me for being rude about the pilgrims. I note that the law allows people to harass the pilgrims, but I would warn you to beware that while you might not face retribution in an Earthly Court, you might still be held accountable for your actions at some time in the future... like the Day of Judgement...

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