Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Farmer 'Cow's Arse' James Drops A Bombshell

People on this show (The Farmer Wants A Girl Friday) don't simply tell each other things, they Drop Bombshells. Last night, Farmer 'Cow's Arse' James Dropped a Bombshell. The bombshell was that despite asking two women to stick their hand's up a cow's arse (but not asking the cow if it was ok) he... wait for it... doesn't feel a particular attraction to either woman, or to any of the cows.

Further developments in the program since last week are minimal, except that "Rough Diamond James" has been upgraded to "Larrakin Farmer James".

Finally, I have noticed a few trends: if you would like to date a farmer then making your skin orange and your hair blonde will improve your chances, as will being a Personal Assistant and/or coming from Queensland. if you become successful in your quest, you can expect to be taken on a 'date' by the farmer of your choice that involves sitting on the back of his ute. You should understand this to denote "Romance".

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