Tuesday, September 2, 2008

The Adventures of Normal #2

The Gap Year

Averagely enough, I went traveling for a year after I finished studying. I spent most of my time in Western Europe (I know: yawn). I did not get beaten, mugged or attacked although I did get my bottom pinched by a man in Italy (also achingly typical).

The point of my The Adventures of Normal series is not to discuss anything out of the ordinary, so I won't be discussing the crazy things, like the husband and wife who tried to come on to me or the fact that there are miniature saws in Dublin supermarkets so that you don't have to pay for unwanted broccoli stalk.

I drank beer and ate chocolate in Belgium. I drank beer and ate chocolate in Germany. I drank beer and ate chocolate in a few other places too. But in Bordeaux I drank wine.

I went to some museums and shit.

That's pretty much it.


amberjee said...

I drink beer and eat chocolate at home too.

Jo said...

I'm still sitting in my chair.

Femikneesm said...

Unwanted brocoli stalk? I am so boring that I found that piece of information a revelation.

Felix for Zosia said...

Ambi, I always knew there was a reaosn I liked you.

Hey Fem, you might also be interested in the fact that Jo is sitting in her chair.

Rosie said...

you were in dublin and you never called?