Sunday, October 26, 2008

Letters I Wish I Could Send...

Dear Tanty Man,
You are a dick. The Only Gay In The Village* is only pretending to be your friend.
You might want to re- think the tanties because, to be honest, they make you a laughing stock. In fact, I have a blog and I have called you Tanty Man in it.
Love, FfZ

Dear Peter Fitzsimmons,
You are a dick.
Love, FfZ

Dear ---,
You are a dick.
Love, FfZ
*** There are more details to this letter that I wish I could send but I have taken advice from my Ethics Advisor and decided not to publish. A damn shame because it was quite hilarious. Sorry kids. ***

*Details of this character to follow.


Nerd Girl said...

Dear fellow "student" who would not shut up in the Study Hall,
you are a dick.

wow, that does feel good

Felix for Zosia said...

Yeah it feels great doesn't it?