Tuesday, October 28, 2008

The Only Gay In The Village

The Only Gay In The Village originally appeared to be a relatively normal co-worker of mine, but he is starting to give me the irrits. I think he doesn't quite know what to make of me because my jokes are dirtier than his, and I do not treat him as an exotic entity (When showing me how to do something 'properly' he said "I'm gay, I'm anal". What was I supposed to do? You can't ignore a set up like that).

He is a gay man who lives in Surry Hills, so in my opinion he's not exactly cutting edge. In the village where we work, however, he likes to put on a bit of a show. I suspect he might have a sign at his front door that says "Sparkle!" that he reads out loud to himself with jazz hand accompanying gesture whenever he leaves the house for the day.

The trouble really started because TOGITV looks like this:

And he didn't take kindly to me pointing it out. The more people he indignantly showed the book to, the more people realised that he looks like Mawson, and the huffier and queenier he got. I offered to tell him upfront all the celebs I've been told I look like so he could get all the payback out of his system before lunchtime, but he wasn't interested. For those playing at home, I am pleased about Maria Callas, resigned to Nana Mouskouri and still smarting over Gonzo the Muppet.


Jacob said...

"I'm gay. I'm anal"

Sick! I purposely avoid using the phrase 'anal retentive' for the very reason that I'm gay. It makes me think of fisting and stuff.

Btw, **SPARKLE!** is my new self-motivational word.

Nerd Girl said...

I suppose stereotypes have to come from somewhere. (and then the media pretties them up a bit)

Felix for Zosia said...

So Jacob, I see you are NOT the only gay in your village. Sparkle!

N - the bit that annoys me is that he seems to expect I will think he is special because he is gay. I don't see him as special, I see him as normal and I think he's not used to that (although if I can get all serious about it I think that is far more respectful).