Thursday, December 1, 2011

Work Schmork

Yesterday at work I got called "a very pleasant human search function".  Not really sure I can add anything to that one...

I also had to fax a far flung post office twice (on behalf of someone we sent a parcel to) because they have a phone/fax line that nobody can call them on since it is always switched to fax. They only have the one line. Way to go, Australia Post! If I were chirpy enough to think of an appropriately rude and ironic award  then I would bestow one on you.  As it is, I am far too grumpy, bitter and down trodden to be bothered.

I suspect I may be in need of a holiday.  There are always teeny, tiny little clues to working out when this is the case so perhaps we can review the evidence together and see where I'm at on the Need A Holiday Meter: Yesterday, I wrote on a piece of paper "I am sick of humanity".  I also said to a colleague "I am sick of books, I am sick of people and I am sick of bookshops and I hate everything and I don't care anymore".  Whatcha reckon?