Sunday, February 7, 2010

Five Things I Have Learnt This Year

1. Marrickville and Balmain are INNER CITY! I know they are close to the city but I never realised that they were considered inner... I mean, ok, I will concede that to get from Balmain to the city you only need to go one bus stop but the bus goes on a big, concrete freeway type thing, there is open space, and you must cross water*.

2. Tall Boy likes to put things on his head.

3. Two year old boys can never have too many diggers. Toy diggers, imaginary diggers, drawings of diggers that their relatives have been press-ganged into drawing all elicit the same response, namely, "DIGGER!! MORE Digger!!!"

4. When soaked heavily in soy sauce, sugar, sesame seeds and about twenty other masking ingredients tofu is delicious!

5. Julian Clary is gay. Who knew?

* I am aware that this sounds a bit like a fortune teller's prediction. I don't care. In fact, I kind of like it that way.

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