Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Dogs For Dictators

I have had a brainwave. I've designed a program that will actually bring about world peace; it is breathtaking in its audacity and shocking in its simplicity. It is: Dogs For Dictators! (drum roll and brass fanfare please).

If every evil dicatator in the world were given a pet dog upon whom they could lavish love, I think their desire to thwart, rape, pillage and ethnic cleanse would evaporate. The dog would be so cute and bouncy (incontinent, smelly, grumpy 15 year old blind dogs need not apply) that the dictators would realise there is more to life than being so mean and shouty.

Just imagine how different the world would be today if Pol Pot had had a Pomeranian, or if someone had given The Fuhrer a French poodle. Before the world gets any worse, let's organise a Kelpie for Kim Jong Il, and some fluffy white Maltese terriers for Robert Mugabe.

Cash donations gratefully accepted.


Naomi Crellin said...

Hm...I'm pretty sure Hitler had alsatians...

Felix for Zosia said...

Maybe he was a cat person so the dogs just made him angry?