Thursday, September 13, 2007

A Cleavage Occasion

Apologies to my regular readers - as I suspected, I have become so obsessed with Trinny and Susannah that other activities (cooking, eating, blog-writing, study, sleep) have fallen to the wayside. It has all been worth it though, because I am able to share a fabulous quote, and I know that if you have big boobs you shouldn't wear crochet or stripes, and you need to make sure you chose pants that don't make your bum look square, flat or wide.
Anyway, the quote: Trinny was asking a really old lady about the clothes worn by her employee, and asked her if she ever showed any cleavage. The old lady's response (in a very posh voice) was "Well, I think you need an occasion to show cleavage...we don't have many cleavage occasions here".

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