Friday, September 7, 2007

Thankyou Channel 7

Thankyou Channel 7
Something wonderful happened last night - Channel 7 screened back to back episeodes of The Ghost Whisperer. Something that I have not actively tried to keep a secret, but have certainly avoided advertising, is my morbid fascination with this show. I know that it is terrible. It is terrible in a way that surpasses most crap that we excuse ourselves watching because it is crap, like the OC or Big Brother. But there is somehow something totally arresting about watching a twittering boney idiot ((Julia Love Hewitt - any relation to Lleyton, I wonder?) with eyelashes almost as thick as she is giving heartful words of wisdom to sad, distressed people, who are a mixture of alive and dead. I also like the fact that her husband is called Jim Gordon, and Juliet's boyfriend from Center Stage is also called Jim Gordon. The actress who played Juliet was once a bitter, dead bride on Ghost Whisperer, who would not let her man remarry.... anyway, back to why it was so wonderful of Channel 7 to screen a double episode - I got sick of it! It worked as some kind of immersion therapy, and I turned it off before the final character (an Autistic man who kept banging wooden xmas decorations on the floor) had "crossed over". And apparently he won't have Autism in heaven, or I should say "in the light". I have finally had enough, in the way you feel after eating too much chocolate, and can now focus my attention more fully on What Not To Wear.

What Have We Learnt From Foxtel This Week?
Well I realised something that would be difficult for most Australian free-to-air-only viewers to notice, unless they had spent some time in the UK. And sort of like how Aussies who lived in the UK during the mad cow years are unable to donate blood, this would possibly be noticable by Brits who spent time in Australia in the 90s. So what was this amazing feat of cross cultural understanding? The opening notes of the Banana commercial (you know - the "make those bodies sing" one) are the same as the opening notes of the theme song for Eastenders.

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