Tuesday, September 25, 2007

The Bitter, Twisted, Secret History Of Me

"When I began yelling obscenities at the characters in boring ads on TV, I realised that I was at the wrong end of the gin glass, and had become bitter and twisted."

I wrote that a few days ago and since I was at the bottom of the gin glass when I did, I never bothered to finish it off. Lately I have managed to keep the obscenities to a minimum, and mostly confined to characters on TV shows rather than ads. I think I have shown remarkable restraint. There are some terrible ads out there.

But onto other matters: of what has my life consisted recently? Three things mainly, which are 1. my thesis chapter draft, 2. The Secret History (Donna Tartt) and 3. Australian Idol.

1. The less said the better, but I submitted it this morning.

2. This book is gripping, disturbing, well written and very long. I am close to the end but have had to set it aside for a while because it is getting under my skin, and making me want to emulate the main characters which would entail the study of ancient Greek, being slightly drunk all day long and murdering my annoying but somewhat endearing classmate named Bunny.

3. I have a deep and abiding intense dislike (I was going to write hate, but that is quite a strong word, best reserved for extreme cases) of Carl The-Judges-And-I-Think-I-Am-The-Next-Michael-Buble-So-We-Collectively-Ignore-My-Inability-To-Sing-In-Tune-And-General-Lack-Of-Musicality Risely. I mean really, that scatting is completely dire. I think my 65 year old neighbour Shirley could put more swing and conviction into it. And the fact that he puts it in every song no matter what it is shows that he is a man of very little brain, and can only handle one idea at a time.

I'll try to save my Idol rants to one person per post, in the hope that by spreading it out I will look less bitter and unable to manage my anger.


Amber said...

I think I had a crush on Henry. And I wished I were in Julian MOrrow's class. But that was a lifetime ago. Don't read any of her subsequent books. TSH was a one hit wonder if my opinion.

Felix for Zosia said...

Yeah, it sort of has a sense that she put everything she had into it - all those quotes in Latin and Greek, the sense of being a disaffected super intelligent yet lazy young adult etc. So perfect for that story but impossible to recreate without seeming self- derivative. And what could she possibly have left in her bag of tricks?
It struck me that Julian Morrow shares his name with the guy from the Chaser which is a bit cute!

Amber said...

That's just weird. I thought TSH came before the Chaser. Is the real Julian Morrow a fan of Donna Tartt? Will this riddle ever be solved? Why can't we play rude scrabble online? And why did my baby only have a 20 minute nap just then?