Monday, October 1, 2007

I Would Like To Be Gentially Superior

The problem with third years is that they have usually learnt to self-edit, and don't write such funny things in their essays. I have been doing a bit of marking and it's really not as fun as it could be. Last semester, the best one I read was this: "These people are genitally superior". I'm still not sure what the student actually meant, because even "genetically superior" didn't make sense in the context.

In other news, the sun is shining, people are sailing boats outside my window etc blah blah blah... just a typical Sydney day. I'm not bored with sunshine precisely, but I think it is a little overused, kind of how I feel about that hyper-real, we-must-talk-to-one-another-quickly-and-while-wearing-black-overcoats-in-order-to-catch-the-perp aesthetic of crime shows on TV. I didn't demand it, but I am happy enough to engage with it for a while, even though it's always the same old same old.

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