Friday, October 19, 2007

Interweb: Friend of Foe?

I wish my life was a blog page.
I have always liked writing lists but now I feel the need for something a little more complicated. I have been writing a list of everything I need to do for my thesis, but I really need some pop up windows or side bars with extra info that is related to and will effect the progress of items on the list, but does not belong on the list itself.

I know that there are things available, but the ones designed by someone else are no good - it needs to be set out the way I want it so I know where to look for the info. Stupid Google Apps for example is about 5 screens of mostly useless lists of crap that I will never, ever need...why would I check the weather on my uni email account? Well that might actually be a good idea, but to find that I have to scroll through information for undergrads, stuff about discounts at The Quarry*, information on placements on the ScholarShip**... and while I am in rant mode, how is it that Google Apps Single Sign On for my uni email account now means it takes me three times as long to sign in as it did when there was no "Single Sign On". Or is the interweb just mocking me because I am not married and don't have a boyfriend?

So my question remains: is the interweb friend or foe?
And we find another set of questions has been posed: why do things at Macquarie have such cringe-worthy, dumb-ass names? what will be next? why can't they just keep things simple, like calling a refectory a refectory, or having summer school in a school instead of on a ship? Answers welcome.

*Oh hilARious - those crazy kids calling the MacQUARIE refectory "the 'quarry"... what a great joke!
**More hilarity - a SHIP that you sail around on and get extra credit points...come ON!! I can't believe the name let alone the concept is actually real

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