Saturday, October 13, 2007

Library Etiquette

I am "enjoying" a little sojourn in Adelaide for a few days, and have been spending my time in the Barr Smith library at Adelaide Uni. It's got me thinking about acceptable noise levels and mobile phone etiquette in such places. In the two days I have spent there so far, a few phones obviously on silent have gone off, but the people talk on them anyway.Kind of defeats the purpose of the silent mode... One guy planned his whole day very loudly, including asking for details on Nonna's movements (but not bowl ones as far as I could tell). So maybe it's not all that unacceptable, but I still feel a bit funny about it. Am I the only one? Because the other day, after someone's phone went off that wasn't silent, I thought to myself: It's embarrassing enough when your phone goes off in a library, but it's even worse when the ringtone is Savage Garden.

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Amber said...

As a former librarian, I recommend you commence shussshing people at the Barr Smith as soon as possible. Is nothing sacred anymore?