Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Trends For Summer 07/08

I thought I'd share my ideas on directions in which I see the season going. since now is the time we should all be thinking about updating our wardrobes (not to mention political affiliations and beliefs, literary tastes and other things that should all be colour co-ordinated).

Paradigm Shifts:
Chai is the new Latte
Gluten Intolerance is the new Vegetarian
Atheist is the new Mormon
Chrones is the new Chronic Fatigue

What's So Hot Right Now?:
Throws for the couch
Stories featuring Oprah's new gardening guru (Jamie Durie) and his sexy, secret, shameful, seedy past as a stripper
Making Emos Cry (that way everyone is happy)

Trends For the Future (2009 and beyond)
Blogs about tea
Thai Fisherman's hats, gloves and shoes
"Scientology is the new Black"
Austrlian Idol contestants' Greatest Hits compilations

I know that much of this is pretty profound stuff, so please feel free to make buttons, t shirts etc featuring any of these as slogans. I will not charge for copyright. Now go forth and be fashionable.


Amber said...


Felix for Zosia said...

I think it's a sad fact that sometimes being fashionable means something is of lesser quality. I object to Chai teabags myself. Bloody not ok!

lauren said...

I just want to correct your spelling: it's Crohn's, not Chrones. The latter spelling has too much resemblance to the word - crone - which my dictionary defines as "an old woman who is thin and ugly" (tell us what you really think, dictionary!). I refuse to believe, despite evidence that might prove otherwise, that I am old, thin or ugly... Well done for getting the H though!

Amber said...
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Amber said...

this is my mum http://vegeyum.wordpress.com/2007/10/09/albino-tea/

seems she is onto your 2009 tea thing a few years early. go mum!

oh i blardy don't know how to make that a clickable link. oh blogger why won't you take my HTML?????

Felix for Zosia said...

Lauren, what can I say?
dyslexia is the new black.

Ambi, snaps to your ma. I was basing the prediction on the fact that I am now (yes, in ref to an earlier post - I have changed it) the only blogger on blogger to list "leadf tea" as an interest. I will check her site out.