Wednesday, October 24, 2007


A couple of days ago, I headed into my old uni for a spot of microfisching. I was after an unpublished thesis on Busby Berkely musicals. After spending a few minutes being puzzled by my failing attempts at communication with the librarian at the information desk* I got it all sorted, discovered some interesting and some uninteresting things about Mr Berkeley and also about Dr Steike who wrote the thesis. There were a few choice phrases that stood out, but this one is by far my favourite:
"The collapse of Berekely's five early marriages shows an apparent failure to deal with women." I love that he says "apparent failure", because we must never make statements in Cackademia that we cannot 100% back up. It is certainly possible that he married five women who were after green cards, or were really men, or maybe they all divorced him because he farted a lot. You can't be too careful.

*Me:I've never used the machines before.
Librarian: - - -
Me; Well, should I just go in there and try to figure it out for myself?
Librarian: - - -
Me: And just come back if I need any help?
Librarian: - - -
Me:Um, well is it very difficult?
Librarian: - - - well...I would say it's... ... ... relatively difficult....
>fortunately (for my sanity and for the professional pride of Librarian), at this point another librarian got off the phone and helped me out


Juice Bar said...

Why unpack when you will just have to pack again next time you go somewhere?

I'm currently rifling through three different overnight bags and suitcases to find something to wear to work today and can recommend the suspense and drama.

Felix for Zosia said...

Are you aware of the Washing Basket Miracle? It works for suitcases too. In much the same way that Jesus turned water into wine/restored the sight of blind people etc, if you leave dirty clothes for long enough, sometimes they heal themselves and become clean again.

amberjee said...

even if they are stained with smushed strawberries?
so much washing.
so little time.