Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Affirmative Action

I've drawn a line in the sand. I have decided that it is not enough to believe something to be wrong without doing what you can to right that wrong. I bought a post-it note pad, that I now carry with me at all times, along with a pen. Just as the City Rail anti-terrorism ads suggest, when I see something, I say someting. I write my message on the pad, and then stick it to the person who needs it. The message says: "Crocs. Never ok."


karla said...

That is so right! That is, what is right is that Crocs are wrong, never right.

amberjee said...

I wonder what "dan of the red crocs will have to say about this"

Felix for Zosia said...

Pity he is not "dan of the red cross..." i stand by my statement though, even a tie-dye pants owning male model fashion guru can get things wrong on occasion.

Juice Bar said...

In my defence, I offer the following:

1. I purchased crocs before they were popular, years ago, when I was, and they were, counter-culture
2. I was in an airport at the time
3. They were demoted to my laundry shoes about 2 years ago, and are only worn on washing day, when my stupid washing machine floods the bathroom and I need something with height, when I am carting buckets of water from the well
4. Moulded plastic reserves the right to be so 1980s, and yet also so post-future (post-modern, and yet not what post-modern was, or is, but what post-modern will be)
5. They are not worn out of the house
6. I reserve the right to purchase the crocs wellies should I move to a cold place in the near future, on the basis that they are cool (and non-one else is wearing them yet)

Juice Bar said...

I further note that my red Haviannas - my first pair of Haviannas - after years of torture and over 24 months of daily commuting bit the dust recently, inconveniently while I was at the mid-way point of a mountain hike, and since then I have had to turn to the red crocs, as the only red shoe in my wardrobe, to complement red belt and red t-shirt combos.

I am counting down the days until I can purchase some more red Havis, to go with the rainbow collection that are still standing.

Felix for Zosia said...

I think point #5 is the best one you make. I have the same rule for ugg boots. Or, to be precise, my rule for such things (also includes pjs for example) is titled "Not beyond the letter box". If I ever get a PO box I may have to reconsider...you lost me by #6, not sure if that's cool, unless you combine it with #5.
And finally, I suppose that one must be a little relaxed on the rules of fashion when one's life involves "carting buckets of water from the well".