Wednesday, October 31, 2007

"I Think I Could Be Wife Material; I'm Quite A Good Cook"

Sweetheart, that means you are a good cook.
I am seriously distressed and disgusted. There is not a post-it note big enough for the TV show "The Farmer Wants A Wife", from whence the above quote came. I guess it's the ocker version of The Bachelor, it is full of very skinny eyebrows under too-blonde hair, and the silences on their "five minute dates" are excruciatingly akward. Craig The Sheep Farmer in particular is painful to watch. His conversational gems include "So you handlin' this weather alright or what?" and "How's things been goin' today, alright?" and my personal favourite "d'you reckon you could handle lookin' after me in the bush?"

So, yes, it's official. Feminism is dead and we might as well be living in 1956. I am going to give up the thesis and try to forget what I have already learnt because I don't think I should be too educated. My only quandry that I can see is that obviously I need to be a better cook, but if I forget how to read then I want be able to read any cook books. How will I get around that?

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