Friday, November 2, 2007

Inappropriate Punctuation!

I know this is something I have ranted about in the past, but the overuse of exclamation marks really has the potential to amuse. I found this the other day on someone's blog:

"Phoned mum yesterday. Dennis Butler is in a bad way, poor bugger. He's in an induced coma, has had a trachioctomy and just ain't too good!"

I note, on a completely unrelated topic that I didn't drink any coffee yesterday.


karla said...

Would it be more to your liking if it wasn't punctuation? Example:
I had a great day today exclamation mark. I got 2 bottles of grog from a man I don't know and will never meet exclamation mark. Right now I am working on proving that my finance people are worng, and I am right, although I am struggling slightly after 3 wines at lunch exclamation mark.

Felix for Zosia said...

No, that is not to my liking. But ten points for effort. (Or should I say "ten points for effort!" ?)

Jo said...

Sing it, sister. The exclamation mark is possibly even more over-used than Bindi Irwin.