Thursday, November 8, 2007

Me Bad At English? Unpossible!

Name: Sandilands, Kyle
Nickname: Toaster Head
Job: Judge on Australian Idol
Special Power: Stupidity
Made Up Word: Clothes-arexia

So what I want to discuss here is not so much his Special Power (although that sort of comes into it by default), but "Clothes-arexia". This word is supposed to refer to someone who choses clothes to wear that make them look terrible. When said in context, it makes sense and everyone gets what he is talking about but I spent (possibly a little too much) time thinking about this word, and it does not really seem appropriate. Anorexia is not about looking terrible by mistake. I think that Toaster Head is getting confused with Body Dismorphic Syndrome.

The more I think about it, the more it seems to me that Clothes-arexia should be the word to describe those chicks who go out in winter wearing mini skirts and boob tubes and no coats, then stand in line OUTSIDE waiting to get into a club. Because THEY think they are wearing PLENTY of clothing, and everyone around them is looking at them thinking "you poor thing, that is SO unhealthy. You really need more on"

*disclaimer: There are several words in this post that I am unsure have been spelt correctly. It's early morning and I drank a lot last night so I don't care. Thankyou*

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