Sunday, November 18, 2007

Is Infantile

I went to a BBQ last night, in a suburb far, far away. I was contemplating an AFD but as soon as I turned around in my seat to see that we passed a sign that said "To Sydney" I knew I needed a drink. It was a housewarming and there are pros and cons to the house. Obviously, first con is that you need map, compass and water supply to get there. But the pro is the beautiful big rooms, huge windows and back garden. But the second con is that all three residents each pay more for their rooms than my flatmates and I do. In my case, $50 a week! So The score is: Far Away Suburb- nil, Tower - one.

Anyway, there was this guy who sat near me and a few minutes into the convo decided that he was going to begin every sentence with the word "is". He encouraged me to do the same. Now I know that book larnin and street smarts are not always the same thing, so the 500 or so years I have spent at university (none of which included maths) are often useless in understanding the logic in such suggestions. I asked him "why?" and he replied "is because it's fun". I demured. He insisted. I left.


Juice Bar said...

Is that a very polite response?

Felix for Zosia said...

Is was necessary.