Friday, November 23, 2007

Highlights: The Farmer Wants A Housekeeper/Cook/Mother

Apparently, The Farmer Wants A Wife is wholesome family entertainment, because it is about the eternal search for love. If I wasn't distracted by all my cringing at things like the farmer who likes one girl better because she did a load of washing for him,
then I might consider counting how many times the host uses the word in her current affairs-esque pitch modulating voice.
Along with overuse of the word "love" as opposed to the patently more appropriate "desperate", "bored" or "lukewarm attraction" (depending on context), we also know this is not a shameless attempt to take advantage of people's insecurities and loneliness because they talk a lot about Emotions. For example:
3rd Grossest Farmer, on what it's like with 2 girls in his house (he never mentions "creepy" but I guess that's too obvious, even for him): "It's hard. Emotions and feelings, and having to deal with that stuff. Blokes don't deal with that sort of stuff, we go out and dig holes and stuff."


Juice Bar said...

Juice Bar Autoreply: Juice Bar was unable to read this blog posting as he was out digging holes and stuff.

Felix for Zosia said...

Juice Bar makes Felix laugh.

The Arian Dalliancer said...

I think that The Farmer Wants Someone To Hold His Hand While He Takes A Piss is (secretly) brought to us by the Law Society. Who are concerned at the lowering marriage (and consequently divorce) rates of late, and need to convince people that marriage is not about "love" so much, as the potential for "not love, actually" and therefore leading directly to divorce.

Nerd Girl said...

Me thinks me needs to catch up on some telly as me is missing out on GOLD!
Thanks, by the way, for your comment, Felix. It cheered me up, especially since you've made it say "1 comments". (giggle)

Felix for Zosia said...

Ah, but NG, the beauty of the the world wide internob is that you don't need to watch TV, because all the highlights are available to you right here!
I shall refrain from making a follow up comment so that it keeps saying "1 comments".