Monday, November 12, 2007

Trends For Summer 07/08 #2

I braved the Newtown Festival yesterday, and have burnt shoulders as a battle scar, but I discovered a couple of interesting new trends. If you attend such a festival, there are two choices you have for fashion accesssory: a dog or a child. The best kind of dog is of a dalmation-blue heeler-ish size but should probably be a bitzer. You may or may not choose to tie a scarf around your dog's neck... Now when I say *your* dog, of course I am possibly being presumptuous, because I suspect that people hire, borrow or steal dogs for this occasion. I mean, seriously, a lot of people in Sydney live in apartments. How can they all have these (quite large) dogs? A lot of places in the Newtown area have tiny gardens, if they have gardens at all. I reckon maybe they ship them from dog farms in the outer suburbs and you can rent them for the day. But what I think is sort of amusing is that the dog as fashion accessory began with Paris Hilton on the red carpet. This is interesting for 2 reasons.
1. It's a great example of haute couture moving to pret a porter, if you will.
2. These people would be horrified to think they were following Paris Hilton in anything (well I guess anyone would)

Choice #2, the baby. I think this is indicative of the fact that people who used to live wild crazy single lives (like possibly they would dress up in skimpy nurses outfits to go clubbing, or maybe they liked to play debauched games of rude scrabble into the wee hours or stuff like that) are trying to recpture the wild crazy times, but they have to do it in daylight and with the bebe. So Newtown festival is a perfect juncture point of hip and wholesome. Or, they decided to have kids because they were following the trends from Hollywood (Angelina, Gwenyth, Mads...) Amberjee - did you have a baby for the fashionista credibility?

So, in summary: Babies are the new poodles


amberjee said...

yeah, having a baby has made me so much more edgy and fashionable. i hear that yoghurt covered clothes are the new black and ever going out at night is seriously uncool.

Felix for Zosia said...

You are my style guru. What flavour yoghurt is coolest?

amberjee said...

definitely blueberry, as it provides a good contrast on a white background.