Wednesday, September 5, 2007

One Two Three

1. I wonder if fat people realise that every time they walk down the street they are in danger of being filmed from the neck down, and then having that footage screened on some current affairs or news program? It's usually to do with heart conditions, clothes sizes etc but almost any excuse to show people walking around is good enough, and unattractive torsos and legs seem to be the best type to use. I just watched a report on sleep depreivation, and once they got bored using the footage of a (fat) person in bed, they moved to people walking on the street. "What does that have to do with sleep deprivation?" I hear you ask. Well I am not quite sure, but I suspect nothing.
I also wonder if people ever recognise themselves...

2. And another thing - APEC is pissing me off. There have been helicopters circling all morning and they are loud and irritating. Plus, they put the big sign on the bridge the wrong way around - it looks backwards to me and surely it was put there for me and other tower residents? Who else would it be for? Not the people attending, because they already know that's what they are here for. If they haven't figured that out, then they are obviously a little slow, in which case I would be concerned that confusion may ensue. They'll be thinking APEC is an Aboriginal word for bridge or something.

3. And finally, I am celebrating the fact that I just finished reading one of the most BORING articles I have ever had to put myself through trying to absorb, and that includes the semester of politics I did in third year. It was about defining "moving picture dance" and the guy spent about a page and a half arguing with himself (and other people not present in the room - does that make him crazy?) about whether or not a TV screen is actually a screen.


Daniel said...

I live in constant fear of being the fat torso on A Current Affair. It will also be the day I have run out of all my clothes except for the drawstring tie dye pants.

At the moment I am living in horrified fear that I am going to turn around and see a 30 foot version of my stomach spilling out over the top of too-tight ethnic clothes, on a billboard for a major national construction company that is redeveloping a large part of the third world city I have the misfortune to call home. Stupid poverty-line existence leading to one doing things that one would never normally agree to.

karla said...

Dan, I love those tie dye pants! I presume that you haven't gone out and bought a new pair, given your third world poverty line existance?

Daniel said...

There was only ever one pair of pants. There will only ever be one pair of pants. They are irreplaceable.