Friday, May 16, 2008


I just got this email:

The University's Equity and Diversity Committee is seeking 5 students to represent the following equity target groups:
1. Women
2. Australian Indigenous People
3. People with Language Background other than English (LBOTE)
4. People with Disabilities
5. Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, Transgender and Intersex People (GLBTI)

If you are interested in becoming a student representative on this Committee, please submit your nomination, and brief (max 250 words each) statements on a) why you feel you can represent the particular group you are nominating yourself for, and b) what you hope to gain through your participation on the Equity and Diversity Committee.

Dear Equity and Diversity Committee,
I am nominating myself as a candidate to represent group #1 (women) on your list. I feel that, as a woman, I am able to represent this particular group for which I am nominating myself, because I am one.
If you have already got someone for that, I could have a go at #2 because, as Meatloaf said, "two out of three ain't bad". I am Australian and I am also a person. Similarly, if you are having trouble finding an Equitable and Diverse Person for #3 I could totally be that person, as long as you take out the words "other than".
As for the second bit, what I hope to gain is a position on the committee.
Cheers, Felix for Zosia


Jacob said...

Tell 'em you have a dick and you can pass for #5. Nobody will ever know.

Rosie said...

use the word vagina a lot. it seems to make people uncomfortable.

Cléa said...

1. Women
That saddens me although I fully understand university culture. In fact, it just proves that nothing changes.

davey said...

Wow. Totally thought you were a dude. I wondered why you were articulate, fucken.

Rosie said...

funny, i thought the same initially (the Felix threw me). can't remember when or how i figured out that you were a lady.

Felix for Zosia said...

Vagina. Jacob - that is quite brilliant. Vagina.

Cléa - I know, that was sort of what started me off. Because if gender is an issue then in fairness there should be one woman and one man represented on the committee. There is a book with the best title that sums this up: "Gender is not a synonym for woman". Just to be safe: Vagina.

Rosie and Davey - Vagina. This is hilarious for me. I feel like I'm stuck in a Shakespearean cross dressing farce...vagina... to clarify a bit: the blog title is because I had nicknamed my thesis Felix, and Zosia (pronounced "zosha" incidentally) is a diminutive form of my name in Polish. I didn't realise that most people wouldn't see the second bit as a name... until it was too late!

Rosie said...

[feels stupid and a little embarrassed]

Nerd Girl said...

If I was a gay, disabled, Aboriginal woman with a migrant father who spoke only Romanian, I could run that committee on my own. Hmmm…

Jacob said...

Oh... what an embarrassing error. My bad.

Jacob said...

Whoops! Wrong comment thread.

Felix for Zosia said...

Oh Rosie, if you're feeling uncomfortable then you're suggestion was perfect - it worked!

NG - what are you waiting for? Get cracking!

J - Vagina.