Thursday, July 19, 2007

Makeup Doesn't Talk Back

Well the quote for the day is from America's Next Top Model; "Makeup doesn't talk back". Who said models were stupid?
My other favourite quote came from my favourite part of today - reading a book during breakfast before facing the day. However, in the light of that recent model's gem it just doesn't seem funny any more. But what the hey, I'll talk it up a bit. The book is called "Hello, i'm Special; How Individuality Became The New Conformity" which I picked up on my recent trip to the City Lights bookshop in San Fran (can I just say, you can never have enough hats books or shoes) and the quote, refering to amature internet based wrestling competitions (believe it or not, it makes sense in context) is: "all willing to put life and limb on the line and online"(Niedzviecki, 2006: 7)
But pop culture crap has just won again in the eternal competition for my attention and affection. We are now watching Age of Love with The Poo and that is filling my world right now. Obviously this is the quotes blog, so here are my faves from the young chickies vying for the attention of Australia's greatest export (after Bindi Irwin)
"i have great thoughts" and
"Maybe I am super young and super naive but in my mind i don't know that!"

I weep for the future.


Daniel said...

As an international model myself (they call me "One Take"), I'd like to note that makeup doesn't talk back. And also that modelling is not anywhere as easy as us professionals make it look. (I am the face of personal blood pressure monitors in India, so I should know.)

Why, just last week I was on location, when the director told the other white model to stride across the shot and get in the car. She might have had a nice stride, but she ruined the shot - to the consternation of the twenty five camera operators on set - by getting in the driver's seat, which no good Indian woman would ever do, for fear she would sit on her driver.

It is the cultural nuancing that true professionals bring to the shoot, along with at least three different versions of s*xually charged moodiness, that make modelling both an aesthetic and intellectual challenge.

Felix for Zosia said...

Yes but you are a MALE model. I am sure you are capable of all sorts of intense and complicated things, like delivering really, really good eugoogelies.

ps You're so hot right now