Friday, July 27, 2007

Sorry Felix

I wish i could be witty and cheerful and fun but unfortunately right now I hate my thesis i hate the department I hate the university and I hate the way eating things like croissants and eclairs and ham and mustard sandwiches makes me sick. Things in Felix land are not good at all. Plus I did a day at the bookshop this week - horror of all horrors; it is worse than I remembered. I thought one day a week would be ok but it drove me to drink. All I had was sherry, which I drank in wine sized serves. Admittedly, someone resigned a few hours into my shift, which doesn't happen every day but I am not sure I can take listening to the crap that goes along with ... well everything in that place.
Await with baited breath to find out if Felix will continue to live...

1 comment:

Daniel said...

Wine sized sherry is a reason to get up of a morning.