Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Crazy Crazy Crazy


er... yes, folks, that's right. She was absolutely, genuinely fake. Here is a bit of blog that I never quite got around to posting, which I hope will convey the sense of having drunk too much coffee in one day, because that is how my life has felt around this chick for some time now:

Life is just so crazy and intense at the moment. I feel like everything is happening in bold print (except for my thesis, unfortunately). It is all due to the RAN, who assures me that her life is, in fact, *not* usually like an episode of Gray's Anatomy crossed with The OC. So she is a nurse, but she is playing with life and death in really full-on ways in her personal life at the moment and I have now been caught up in the drama. She called me yesterday to ask me the number for emergency services over here. I thought it was a little strange that a hospital person wouldn't have told her, or why she would have to call if she was already in a hospital in the first place...but it turns out that she was on the street and saw a guy having an asthma attack. According to the paramedic who eventually looked after him, if I hadn't picked up the phone and given her the number, this guy would've died. Anyway, the latest development is that this guy has flowers and chocolate for me.

...which incidentally never arrived. In fact, a lot of things like that were promised but never arrived. But everything was so constantly so dramatic that I didn't really notice. I was actually craving some serenity. Now I have it. I am peeved that I wasted what could have been half a day of study listening to someone cry over what was probably non-existent mother drama.

I am interested in the fact that this post contains the phrase "I thought it was a little strange that..." because on reflection, a lot of teeny tiny things didn't add up, but individually they were not such big issues. It's funny how you will dismiss things that are inconsistent merely because you don't see a reason to question them.

Anyway, that is my crazy life for now.


The Arian Dalliancer said...

How about a trip to Bonney Doon? THat should provide serenity.

Felix for Zosia said...

But I don't need to now, I have my old life back, albeit with the sounds of crazy thoughts running through my head like the buzzing of powerlines.(which I believe is a standout feature of Bonnie Doon)

Nerd Girl said...

Dad's got a song about going to Bonnie Doon, Mum thinks it's a bit repetive though.