Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Congratulations, Inventor Of The Year

The saga of the Random American Nurse turned Compulsive Lier continues. Her name appears to be completely different from the one she told us, but how are we to know if that one is real or not?
She apparently is a nurse, or at least works at a hospital, here in Sydney. So that is a bit of a worry for the people she is dispensing medical advice to, but NLJ is contacting the relevant people.
The funny thing is (well, ok, the 57th funny thing) that she seemed to just want to make people happy, so she pretended she could give them what they wanted. All her stories were designed so she would receive reassurance that she was not such a bad person after all. (The parents blaming her for her grandmother's death, the ex-boyfriend's suicide, the best friend's jealousy over her supposed success....)BUT, I am bestowing upon her the title (that she claimed for herself): Inventor Of The Year. Sadly, this award is for inventing stories and characters, not inventing a life-saving respirator, but at least winning SOMETHING is better than a poke in the eye with a blunt stick - right?

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Nerd Girl said...

Wait... what? Zosia, can you send me and email and explain what's happened? I feel so confused.