Monday, January 12, 2009


Here are my goals and resolutions for 2009:

1. Bump into less things

2. Buy no new books (Thanks to AW for pointing out the loophole here: I can buy second hand books!)

3. Buy more music with money saved in resolution #2

4. Take part in Urban Decay

5. Eat less cheesy snacks

6. Become fluent in half a dozen foreign languages

7. Lose weight

8. Drink less

(Don't worry: 7 and 8 are only there because from what I understand they are obligatory on any New Year Resolution list. I plan on failing dismally on both counts).


Nerd Girl said...

But what if #5 uses up all of your potential?

Jo said...

I'm taking suggestions via email. Make 'em good, and we'll talk.

Keith appreciates your support and enthusiasm. said...

I like to keep it simple with new years resolutions.

1. Don't die.

Thats pretty much it.

Incessant Ramblings of a 20 Something Cindra... said...

I find a really easy way to avoid cheesy snacks is to develop a lactose/the other weird thing in dairy allergy, then you can't eat it.
This will also help you acheive weight loss, until you discover these crazy tablets that you can take before you eat dairy to stop you feeling sick.
I speak from recent experience.

The Blakkat said...

Isn't no.6 obligatory as well? I think you'll find no. 4 may interfere with you achieving any of the others. You may have to narrow it down and focus on just one or two. Just saying.

usbchris said...

Don't you mean 200mine?

Felix for Zosia said...

Kids, thanks for all your comments and suggestions. As you can see from subsequent posting behaviour, I have been unwell... but I'll let you all know how I fare with my resolutions.