Saturday, January 31, 2009

The Year Is '200Mine'

Partly because I thought there might be some genuine interest, but mostly because I am completely self-absorbed and think that anything relating to me is completely wonderful I have decided to give you all an update on my resolutions for 200mine.

1. Bump into less things: I currently have several bruises on my legs, but I plan to bump into less things over the whole year, so there is still time for improvement here.

2. Buy no new books (Thanks to AW for pointing out the loophole here: I can buy second hand books!) So far so good.

3. Buy more music with money saved in resolution #2: I am getting back into the swing of buying stuff that I may not necessarily like, but I proceed with the purchase so the sales assistant and others will think that I am cool. Yesterday involved a remix of the Modern Jazz Quartet. (CC - do you think I am cool?)

4. Take part in Urban Decay: Still working on this one...

5. Eat less cheesy snacks: failed

6. Become fluent in half a dozen foreign languages: have decided to cheat a little and brush up on my Old English, since I already know my irregular verbs and how to say 'hello' (It's 'hwaet" in case you're interested)

7. Lose weight: see #5

8. Drink less: No comment


usbchris said...

I made a remix of the seminal 1952 Modern Jazz Quartet Recording. Its exactly the same only you can hear me in the background making farting noises. Hasn't sold very well.

usbchris said...
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Felix for Zosia said...

he he he. we should swap tracks maybe. I think you should hunt down Piffy The Bell Ringer and record a duet.