Friday, January 2, 2009

Bris Vegas

After spending the last few weeks doing back breaking work for the great washed, I have pitched up in the frontier town of Bris Vegas for a few days. So far the best moment was on the ferry on new years eve when the captain gave a long winded and virtually illiterate (not sure if something verbal can be illiterate, but he gave it a red hot go) announcement that alcohol was not to be permitted on the bank so if anyone had brought it with them ... well... they, um... wouldn't be able to... well.... it would... in fact... be taken off them. So... ah... well.. because.... yeah.

I am staying with the Aunty Who Likes To Organise. She will happily organise anything - from houses to documents, but her favourite thing by far to organise is Other People's Lives. Lucky me. She has decided that the perfect thing for me to do is to volunteer in a remote community in the desert. This will apparently solve all my problems, including the ones I didn't realise I had.

Bris Vegas isn't all bad though: I won Scrabble today, the coffee is good, and I am stealing someone's wireless connection to type this.

I had a job interview the other day which was fine except that the questions came directly from the "1994 Guide to Interview Questions; A Practical Guide For Interviewers". Seriously, when was the last time anyone was asked "what is your biggest strength?", followed immediately by "what is your biggest weakness?" (I said my biggest weakness was bumping into things, mostly because I said something boring and sucky for my strength so I couldn't go with the standard "I work too hard" as I thought it would be overkill). I also got questions about "working in a team to achieve a goal" at which point I vomited on the interviewer's shoes in disgust.

Incidentally, I didn't get the job which may be due to the vomiting thing, or maybe because I corrected a typo on the questionnaire I had to fill out. And yes, I know that is not "working in a team" but it is showing "initiative" as well as "attention to detail".


Nerd Girl said...

Ah, but did you correct it "efficiently"?

I hate that strength/weakness question where you're meant to just reiterate your strength as if it were a weakness. I like your answer though - I might have to use it later.

Felix for Zosia said...

Aha - so I should have said that my greatest strength was bumping into things. I'll do that next time!