Friday, January 30, 2009

I Am Still Alive, But Only Just!

Kids, I feel like crap. The Only Gay in The Village saw fit to pass his cold on to me so while I wrote out the previous post a few days ago I couldn’t be bothered uploading it.

Let me tell you something for free: PMS + bad cold = VERY unhappy camper.

I will never again listen to the advice of a chemist if that advice happens to be along the lines of “lemsip will make you feel less revolting”. On the box is a list of symptoms with ticks next to each one: Headache, Fever, Body Aches & Pains, Sore Throat. Yes, I have all those things ticked and no, none of them have been reduced from taking the lemsip. Funnily enough, the things that don’t have ticks next to them, for example “lemon flavour” and “hot drink” are also true. On the telly, the little creature with a big, shiny red nose takes lemsip and then feels better. That’s what I was expecting to happen to me but alas, I am left full of disappointment and mucus.

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