Saturday, March 14, 2009

I am a Sad Individual

I have found that, in life, there are little signposts that pop up along the way to notify you of how tragic you are. You often find yourself caught up in the hustle and bustle of every day busyness and forget to check the trag-o-meter so these little clues - the real-life equivalent of Hansl and Gretl’s crumbs - are worth noting down and filing away for future reference. I may not be making all that much sense here but please trust that I am getting to my point, and that my point will be one which makes me look like an idiot and (hopefully) makes you laugh…

The first sign that there was something wrong came about 4 or so years ago when I realised that I owned 2 separate and different recordings of the 'Moon River Cha Cha'. Not just 2 different versions of the song 'Moon River' (written by Henry Mancini for the movie Breakfast At Tiffany’s (based on the novel by Truman Capote (who as a child was the neighbour and friend of Harper Lee (author of To Kill A Mockingbird)))) and the only thing ever sung on film by Audrey Hepburn) but 2 different versions of the Cha Cha version of 'Moon River'.

Even though I own these songs, I do not think that this is ok. I really don’t. But it’s not like I can do anything about it now. I can hardly go back to the CD shop and say “Excuse me, but can I please return track 12?”. I would become their Crazy Customer of the Week! It’s just something I have to live with. And while it is tempting to put it down to a temporary transgression, I would be lying if I did not acknowledge that it is actually the clarion call of a worrying trend. As of last week, I now own 2 big band swing versions of the Radiohead classic 'Creep'.

On a different tack, it is probably worrying that I like to chose my dentists based on the comic value of their names. My current dentist is called David Jones but I am thinking of changing because I got a list of preferred providers from my health cover people and there is someone on the list called Dr Kiss. How can you not go to the dentist called Dr Kiss?

There is an update of The Crazy Workplace in the works, I promise, but so far have been to lazy to bring it to fruition.


Jo said...

I've had Herb Alpert's "Spanish Flea" in my head for 12 years. said...

I agree.

I would go to Dr Kiss.

For anything that ailed me...

Original Mel said...

Is it wrong that I am intrigued by the idea of a cha cha version of Moon River?

Felix for Zosia said...

Oh Jo, you need to see someone about that. Ear worms can cause permanent damange.

IHMN - I know, how could you not?

OMel - If you email me your postal address I will burn you a disk. I also happen to own about 30 versions of Fever so you can have a couple of those too if you like. felixpusz at hot mail
And yes, it probably is wrong, but I am not one to judge.