Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Pigs, Songbirds, and Suchwhat

While reading the ninemsn news, I was arrested by this particular title:

"Mariah Carey would perform with pig over J-Lo"

... ok, so J-Lo would be lying on the ground while Mariah and the pig squeal in unison? I am assuming that they wouldn't actually sit right on her and squash her, that would be ridiculous. I guess Mariah could sit in a chair with the pig on her lap, and J-Lo could lie between the legs of the chair. That doesn't sound too bad. I read on, and was disappointed.

"Pop diva Mariah Carey has blasted rumours about a possible duet with Jennifer Lopez, saying she would rather perform with a pig"

Ohhhh, now I get it.

But the animal referneces didn't go away:

"This isn't the first time the songbirds have locked horns." Do songbirds have horns?

Never mind, at least Mariah has a real way with words:

"Carey recently denied rumours about her diva-like behaviour, stating she had never done a "diva-ish" thing in her life: "The definition of a diva is a woman who sings well, the second definition is a woman who's difficult to deal with," she said ". hmmm...

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