Saturday, January 26, 2008

Is My Thesis Driving Me Crazy? Part Two

9. There are whole sentences and phrases in this draft I am editing that make absolutely no sense. An example:
"However, where Walter is concerned, an approach to dance is the key difference." I have no idea what that means, and I wrote it! Cripey!

EDIT: another sentence that I stared at for a long time, knowing it was a typo (see- stupid spell check can't ever help when you want it to): "the community is in chaps"



Oooohhh, the community is in chaos!!

10. Panic ensued earlier today, and I mean real, almost crying kind of panic. Why? Well I couldn't find the rescue remedy. I have never used that stuff before, so have no idea if it actually works or not, but all of a sudden it seemed VITAL. Having never used it, of course, it has put "in a funny place". Aah irony.


Mars said...

i. just. dunt. geddit. !.

what does this: generic temporary title meeeeeeeeeeeean?

Juice Bar said...

See, I would have shrugged my shoulders, figured that crazy dancing community had a penchant for leather leggings, and kept typing.

Bemused said...

9 Edit - I told you spell check and autocorrect are evil. Not sure if I mentioned this before, I nearly submitted a post-grad essay with 'paradigm shit' instead of paradigm shift.

Felix for Zosia said...

Mars, I like to think of fun titles for those, but brain too fried right now. It's like the blog equivalent of a post it note that says "buy milk"... or something like that... how would you feel about "Selma Blair & Co"?

JB, that was what had me so perplexed, I was writing about the folk musical as expression of a mythical American past, so that image popped into my head too, but I knew something wasn't right. Just couldn't figure out what...

B, Goddamn that paradigm shit!!! I love that so much. There are not enough words to say how much. Not nearly enough words.

Mars said...

i'm quite partial to 'buy milk' actually.... i thought there was some weird sub-text that i was too stoopid to get. anyway, it's your blog... call us whatever you want!