Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Some Like It Yacht: Pilot Episode

Cast of Characters:

The Professor: Undertaking an ethnographic study of the yacht community
Milligan: The happy-go-lucky beanpole who always wears a bucket hat and flares
Gary-Ann: The pre-op
Firecracker Boy: The finely chiseled, meticulously groomed Himbo. Looks a bit like Astro Boy
Katie-Bot: Got confused when she saw the sign "Cruise Ship" and thought that meant it was hers.
Jessica Simpsoid: In search of chicken (or is it fish?)

Opening Credits: Footage of Marilyn et al drinking champagne on the yacht in 'Some Like it Hot', with cuts to close-ups of the actual cast.

Scene: The yacht dining room. White leather upholstery, crystal glassware etc.

Jessica Simpsoid: is this chicken or fish that I'm eating? I mean, I know that it's chicken, but is it chicken-chicken or is it tuna?
Gary-Ann: it's fish. Actually, it's catfish. Roawwwl!
JS I'm eating a CAT???!!
GA: Yes, honey. You sure are!
JS: Oh my god, it's delicious. I had no idea!
Milligan: Jessica, have you ever eaten horse?
JS: No, why?
M: Oh, just because you look like one. I thought it would be kind of funny.

TP (to camera): The fascinating thing about this little exchange is that - even though Gary-Ann is wearing a dress - we can see the struggle for each male of the society to find their rightful place. As with apes fighting to discover who is strongest, these males are fighting a war of words, to see who can make the most fun of Jessica.

Problems with the pilot: does the Prof make it all too boring and (shudder) educational?
Possible Solution: Make sure Prof is always drunk


Bemused said...

Almost choked on my coffee this morning while I read this. Brilliant... right to the horse reference and eating a, um... cat!

Felix for Zosia said...

I think JS is SO horsey looking... but do you think this pilot will ever be made into a series, or will it be covered in dust until one of the characters dies, and they pull it out for the Oscars montage?