Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Things I Didn't Know Until Recently

I can spell "analogous" and "ubiquitous" without the help of a dictionary or spell check.

My procrastination has reached a point where I would prefer to assemble things from IKEA to writing Chapter Three.

The IKEA lamp I bought the other day was cheaper than the light bulbs because it does not include light bulbs, not because it is some kind of scam to get you to buy more lamps when all you really want is replacement bulbs. So if you bought a new lamp because you thought it was a cheaper way of obtaining new light bulbs, you can consider yourself having wasted $6.95.

"Huckabee" is a real name.

The movie Elizabethttown is a piece of shit.

Aunty BAS is an expert on the relationships and rankings of the royal family of Oman ("it's just like the English aristocracy").


Juice Bar said...

I met a royal from Oman once. He had a horsey nose, weak chin, wore jodhpurs and was dating his cousin. Maybe Auntie BAS is on to something.

Felix for Zosia said...

But did he start his day with gin and tonic? Did he have his portrait painted by Rolf Harris? Did he have a daughter-in-law named after one of the Black Eyed Peas?

Bemused said...

I relate to procrastination over Chapter 3, though my Ikea assemblies take place in my mind.

And spell check is evil. But autocorrect is the devil himself!

Felix for Zosia said...

Yeah, you're right. I hate the auto correct when it changes things I don't want changed. From time to time I have to right "trois" as in "pas de trois" (dance for 3 people) and I end up with trios everywhere.

Felix for Zosia said...

oops, I mean "write" not "right". Stupid spell check can't pick up things like that, so what's it good for?