Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Center Stage or Save The Last Dance?

I met someone the other day who told me these films are called "Dancicals" ... but whatever they are called, people seem to love them. I love Center Stage, and am not sot so fond of Save The Last Dance but barside chatter has lead me to believe this is a contentious issue. Some say CS is total sugary crap but I actually think that as a movie it's really well put together, plus I love that final scene of dancing. SLD irritataes me because Julia Stiles can't dance, but I am open to being convinced otherwise...
Apart from these two movies, there are heaps of others like Strictly Ballroom.
I may have a bit more of a rant on this later but I had a big night last night - (I stole a fork, a chip and an olive from a restaurant in Petersham...) and need to get down to some work.

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