Sunday, August 19, 2007


I poured myself a coffee a little while ago and tasted it black to check if it was strong enough. I thought to myself "actually, this is really quite nice. I think I will drink it black today". Two sips later and back in my bedroom, I realised that I don't like black coffee*

In other news, I braved torrential rain to buy a carton of milk, and came back completely soaked, apart from two dry patches on the back of my legs that my bottom had conveniently sheltered. Not happy Jan. I have a big bottom, and a pair of wet jeans.

I have nothing else to say really, since I have done nothing all day apart form move paragraphs around and italicise a few things. Oh, I checked out the wikipedia entry on musicals, and it was very bad so I feel much better about bagging wiki to people.

* should I be calling it African American coffee? A Zimbabwian aquaintace of mine told me how SHOCKED he was when he arrived in Australia and heard people shouting things like "short black" across crowded, bustling cafeterias...

Reading an email from Sbleby who really is in Outer Mongolia (well maybe she is in Inner Mongolia, but it is still... MONGOLIA!!! for goodness sakes) made me very thoughhtful about physical presence. It was so lovely to read a message from her to me, but it also made me sad because we are not in the same room. It's funny how feeling physically close to someone becomes so important. Email and stuff is really lovely and handy but getting a letter/email/text/phone call is simply not the same, even if you might talk to your friend down the pub and never touch them, it's still better because you are in one another's presence.
And really, I think maybe Walter Benjamin could possibly have been a bit too pleased with himself and while making an interesting point, actually missing the main part of it. Ok, so a copy is not the same as the original but really it is such a minor detail (the way he sees it). I would rather listen to pirated music while sitting next to my friend on a couch than listen to live music while talking to someone on the phone. Who wouldn't?

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