Wednesday, August 15, 2007

A Post To Amuse My Sister

I really hate to disappoint people, and since I mentioned to a certain someone that I have to work very hard and have no time to play this week, I feel like I should make up for it by posting something vaguely entertaining to amuse her for a minute or two at work...
so I would like to pass comment on an ad- oh excuse me -an invitation I received on an email list the othr day for something called Theology on Tap:

Theology on Tap is a speaker series for university students and young adults (18-30). It's a casual and relaxed forum where friends from all walks of life gather for *straight talk, hard facts and real answers*...
Now, aside from the fact that unless I am being paid, I generally try to stay as far away from most 18 year olds as possible, this sounds suspiciouly like an invitation to a swingers event. Let's break it down:
"young adults" - emphasis on being of legal age, but not too old and unattractively wrinkly.
"casual and relaxed" - birthday suit is fine in fact
"all walks of life" - We are very ... uh ... open minded
"straight talk" - none of that gay stuff. Even though there will be more than one naked man, they will only touch the naked women, not each other.
"hard facts" - hmmm


karla said...

Hmm.... Interesting! I wonder if they play the car key game at "theology on tap". In the current climate of responsible drinking (well, responsible in that you don't drive after you drink) do you think the game would work? Maybe they could get the correct number of cabs & drivers, assigned to each man, and drop the cabbies in a bowl for the ladies to fetch?

Felix for Zosia said...

Sounds complicated, but I guess they are used to that sort of thing.
And while I am here, I should make a correction. The event is not called
Theology on Tap
it is Theology on Tap!
A subtle but important difference.